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We are a private owned design company, offering innovative building solutions. Furthermore, we offer development models, featuring sustainable design techniques and environment-friendly solutions, as we are certified SR EN ISO 14001:2005.

Over the course of four decades of experience, we have accumulated a unique portfolio of transport infrastructure projects, civil and industrial design works, as well as rehabilitation projects of degraded urban infrastructure in Romania, impacting the development of cities. Our efforts are focused on social sustainability and responsibility in order to shape the environment built for the users’ benefit. We consider safety and comfort as priorities and therefore we design solutions to the highest quality standards, being certified SR EN ISO 9001:2015. These solutions are sustainable throughout the project lifecycle, from design and execution, to maintenance, operation and management.

Initial discovery

Our mission is to identify the elements that lead to the design decisions and execution errors.

Research synthesis

From the drawings to the standardized building code, we will examine the initial findings using a variety of filters to validate our recommendations.

Final recommendation

Our reports include detailed descriptions and notice the resulting damages, in order to ensure the integrity of subsequent construction efforts.


Half a century of design has proven that we can turn any idea into reality! Check out this selection of our work:


Each project presents several challenges and opportunities, regardless of size or budget, we devote ourselves entirely to delivering the services and the expected value. Mainly we provide as follows:


We offer integrated architecture and engineering design services, that focus on the specific needs of a project. We ensure an efficient project management that takes account of social responsibility, innovation and sustainability for the benefit of the client. Thus, we prepare the conforming technical and economic documentation to any of the phases of a project, regardless of the complexity of the work.

Over time, we worked as a single provider, as general designer, as a subcontractor of larger entities or as a partner in vast partnerships. Our role is to prepare documentations for pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, for obtaining authorizations and permits for intervention works, feasibility studies for technical projects required for new investments, but also for details of execution and field adaptation of various objectives under construction.


Besides the legal obligation, we perform technical expertise for the intervention works, as well as the advantage given by the maintenance of the patrimony, the good locations and the preservation of the architectural elements. Furthermore, we assure the process of expertise in the following situations:

  • before the building’s reconstruction and extension, capital repair, sale or purchase;
  • in order to assess the technical condition of the buildings before the rental;
  • to reveal defects and degree of degradation caused by fire, flood s.o.s.f.;
  • in the case of disputes between the client and the contractor, regarding the quantities, quality and costs of the work;
  • to determine defects caused by design, communication or faulty execution;
  • to identify possible nonconformities in the building’s structure and to provide solutions to strengthen it, to identify the actual repair volume and to make a quotation for the aforementioned.
  • Our technical expertise services meet the need to avoid implementation errors, prevent incidents that can affect residents' lives. Furthermore, they improving the socio-economic and environmental parameters of sustainability.

    The structural analysis of buildings, some of them being historical monuments, will contribute to the well-being of the buildings and their surroundings.

    Technical assistance

    The technical assistance services, are offered by us following the analysis of the customer's theme, the architectural concept or the technical project itself. We guide the applicant through all phases necessary to obtain the approvals, authorizations or agreements necessary for the execution of the projects.

    We professionally carry out daily tasks among which optimization of projects, adaptation of their provisions to the conditions in the field and we offer the support: to the entrepreneurs in order to build sustainable objectives, to the owners for the costs efficiency and to authorities for the responsible implementation of the approved solutions


    Our team offers a unique blend of expertise, as designers and consultants. We have been told that this combination of talents uniquely supports the needs of our customers. But we believe that our expertise, based on experience and knowledge of construction systems, has its foundation in the specialized services we offer. Moreover, the fact that the team is formed also from young people, helps us to be anchored in the contemporary world.

    We are always keen to meet specialists in the field, both architects and engineers, so if you have the necessary skills and motivate to contribute to the development of projects, we ask you to apply by contacting us.


    2022 is an important year for us, celebrating 10 years of activity, in the new formula, aiming to improve the built environment and interurban transport facilities. We are happy with the achievements we have made during this time and we are grateful for the help of those who have been with us in the team and the clients who have trusted our performances.
    may, 2022
    The rehabilitation of the two historical monument railway stations, the Vatra Dornei Bai and Suceava Nord Itcani, helped us to understand even more the values of the railway industrial heritage in Romania. Together with the passenger buildings in Pascani, Dolhasca, Veresti and Gura Humorului Oras stations, we have managed to rehabilitate and extend the life of these buildings. Completing this project is a first step towards a new approach to BIM design for these types of buildings.
    march, 2022
    The passenger buildings in Ciulnita, Neptun, Costinesti Tabara and Mangalia railway stations needed rehabilitation and even complete reconstruction in a new form, adapted to the current needs and forecast for the next 50 years, with special attention paid to eco-factors.
    february, 2022

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